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It's all about Rick Owens right now. The designer is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his eponymous label, and as such, has worked with Selfridges on an incredible concept store—which includes a massive 25-foot sculpture of himself

In honor of the milestone, i-D magazine pulled a previously unpublished Owens article from its archives. In the piece, Owens talks about his aesthetic, which he says is best described as being "indifferent," and designing for "someone who has experienced a lot and satisfied a lot of appetites. Someone who's past experimenting, who's been there and done it. It's very autobiographical." 

He also goes on to talk about what it's like to be an artist, comparing it to a, well, boner. "Being an artist is like waiting for a boner to happen. It's hard." 

The consistency of Owens' creations is directly in line with the maintenance of his own personal style. He recalls a time when he did an interview with Karl Lagerfeld at Lagerfeld's home and tried on Thom Browne suits, only to realize they were "incredibly not me." Having a clear distinction of what serves his own personal expression is a lesson that we could all hope to learn from the lord of shadowy designs.

Owens also discusses his wife Michele Lamy. "I hate to call Michelle a muse because that's so fag haggy and so beneath her—but she's someone I really admire," he told i-D. "Everyone assumes that because Michele is older than me and I'm such a silly bag—that she's a suga momma. People say things like 'she's the organization behind the man', but the irony is Michele is so much more of a free spirit and a magic fairy than I am. I'm kinda the boring dad, and she's the rebellious teenager."

Needless to say, an interview with Rick Owens is always an entertaining read that demands your full attention. Read the full article here. 

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