So what'd you do with your Monday night? Probably things like watch a little football, maybe catch up on some emails, or finally sweep up in the kitchen. While we were all doing lame shit like that, A$AP Rocky and Michele Lamy, who is Rick Owens' wife, were out gallery-hopping and chilling all over NYC. While cruising through galleries, Rocky donned a Maison Martin Margiela fur coat, Rick Owens sneakers and jeans, and a visvim shirt and carry-all pouch.

If you don't know who Michele Lamy is, she is basically the coolest person behind-the-scenes of the fashion world in Paris, helping to guide the aesthetic and business of Rick Owens. She actually hired Owens as a patternmaker back when the street-goth king was trying to make it in L.A. as a designer. The two met around 1996, married in 2003, and have been madly in love ever since. Lamy remains a mysterious character, but definitely one of the most fascinating figures in the Parisian fashion scene.

We're not sure if this is the first time these two have chilled, but they did it up in NYC last night, at least for a Monday. After pre-gaming, Rocky and Michele hit up a few galleries, including Salon 94 and the Gagosian Gallery, both located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Back when Pretty Flacko first rapped, "Raf Simons, Rick Owens, usually what I'm dressed in," did he ever think he'd be chillin' with the family of his favorite designer, perusing fine artworks just a mile or two from his home hood of Harlem? This shit is the new American Dream, only evidenced more by the fact that it was documented on Instagram.