Items like Michael Jackson's bejeweled glove and John Lennon's round glasses fetch ridiculous prices at auction, which is to be expected. When fashion items like these are sold off, it's as if they are holy relics, embodying the spirits of their wearers. When it comes to a hat worn by the pope, however, the item in question might actually be holy.

A skullcap work by Pope Francis is being sold on eBay right now, and the highest bid is currently close to the $120,000 (but the numbers are steadily rising). According to The Local, the headwear was procured by an Italian TV host who offered the pope a new skullcap during a rally. Pope Francis popped his own hat off his head, passed it to the TV host, and donned the gift. Little did the pope know, his original skullcap would end up on eBay. 

At least the holy headgear is going for a good cause. The APF reports that the sale will benefit the Italian charity that fights child mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

[via HuffPost]