In case you missed the memo: pole dancing is awesome. To be clear, we aren't talking about the kind of pole work you throw out singles to see. We're talking about the kind of dancing captured in George Harvey's short film Pole Positions, featuring award-winning pole performer Sarah Scott. The black-and-white film is a little over two-minutes long and shows the beauty and power of Scott's body as she spins and flips around the thin metal rod, set to the sounds of Erik Satie's "Gnossienne No. 3."

In an interview with Nowness, Scott said that there is are elements of sport and entertainment that go into being a pole performer. "It is athletic and fitness-based because you have to have so much strength and flexibility and make your body do all these crazy things but it’s still an art form; it’s still dance." She also said that the practice is "empowering" for both sexes, and said that the people who attend classes come from very different backgrounds. "I think the misconception is it’s a lot of younger people or young girls, but actually I know army and police offers, lawyers who come. I even had a girl in a workshop over the weekend who was the mayor of her town." 

Sign us up for the next available class, please.

[via Nowness]