Guys, I have decided that this year I'm going to buy a really nice (read: expensive) wool cap. Normally, I just buy an olive drab joint from my local army navy surplus store and call it a winter. But my buddy Patrik Ervell makes this baby alpaca rib knit cap in a really nice shade of navy and I kind of need it. Newsflash: I'm bald, which means I can justify expensive headwear faster than all you assholes who possess genetic codes that continue to create functioning follicles on your blessed domepieces. I'm typically attracted to more garishly colored caps, like red and, well, red, but I don't want to look like Steve Zissou, despite the fact that his team looked fucking exquisite in red caps. Instead, I'll get a navy one and tell myself I look like if Daiki Suzuki did the wardrobe for Serpico. Sometimes you gotta lie to yourself to get through the week.