This past Saturday, Absolut continued its "Nights by Absolut" series in Johannesburg, South Africa—the second stop on its four-city/country worldwide initiative. For the event in South Africa, the brand collaborated with artist Charles Gadeken, who often uses fire as a medium to create incredible installation pieces. The goal: To create something unlike anything local and international guests have ever witnessed or been a part of before. 

So what's the first step in achieving this lofty goal? Absolut built a massive cube in the middle of a field about an hour outside of the city. The cube was planted on the soil on a slight angle and looked like it could have been an extra terrestrial site. It was no joke.

Equally as unique, guests transformed the dance floor into a fiery landscape by triggering pyrotechnic effects. Flames and fireworks were ignited (both visible through the glass walls of the cube) while popular local band Spoek Mathambo performed. As with the New York City event, the night also served as a set for a commercial directed by Melina Matsoukas, who's worked on Beyoncé's "Pretty Hurts" video and the singer's joint video with Jay Z, called "RUN." 

Johannesburg is a developing but bustling city, with a storied history that is as unique as it is complex and fragmented among its population. But for a place that's seen its fair share of sights, it was evident that the cube, which was only up for the night, was an out-of-the-world concept—one that locals, or anyone, are unlikely to witness again.