Mackintosh (with a “k”) was founded by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh and inventor Thomas Hancock in 1830, when the pair discovered that by merging two fabrics together and coating them in a liquid rubber, they could create an entirely waterproof garment.

They became the official supplier of jackets for the British army, railroads, and police departments and the unofficial supplier of men who didn't want to arrive at their offices soaked on rainy mornings. From there, the Mackintosh took the world by storm, with the term “Mac” now becoming the catch-all for any waterproof, two button, knee-length jacket.

This Fall/Winter the (still) Scottish manufacturer has teamed up with Los Angeles-based label Band of Outsiders to craft a collaboration that uses the original Mackintosh techniques combined with the signature aesthetics of Band of Outsiders, such as red or blue cuffs.

Highlights of the collaboration includes the faded-gradient-plaid trench coat and the hooded anorak with an all-over Lorem Ipsum print. There's been no release date announced yet, but hold tight for more info coming soon.