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Yesterday, I wrote about how crucial double sleeves are. The verdict: SUPER FUCKING CRUCIAL. So crucial, in fact, that I'm here to remind you that there are more double sleeves out there for you to gobble up with your most recent paycheck. Kris Van Assche made his rendition, this time with a white dress shirt as his canvas. You ever read every other menswear blog that isn't Four Pins? Hopefully not. But if you have, I'm sure you notice that every single one of them has the gall to come at you with a post on the "official" way to roll up your shirt sleeves. Wow. They can go fuck themselves. I'll roll up my goddamn sleeves whatever way I please, sir. I don't need someone to look at my arm and say, "You rolled your sleeves up wrong." If it's still up there, where I want it, how can it be wrong, bitch? Instead of dealing with everyone else's bullshit, just buy a shirt with the sleeves already permanently rolled up. That way, when someone tells you your sleeves are rolled up wrong, you can fire off a smug smirk with, "I know, you fucking prick."