Street art festival season may have ended, but August saw no shortage of events and exhibitions that brought out some of the world's most talented and groundbreaking artists. For instance, "Art Alliance: The Provocateurs," a Shepard Fairey-curated exhibition at Lollapalooza, featured striking murals by the likes of Cleon Peterson, POSE, and many others. Later in August, Djerbahood Project also kicked off in Djerba, Tunisia. It united artists like Swoon and eL Seed, among others, who created beautiful murals to help transform the village into a museum in the streets.

What made last month even more interesting was that not all the street art produced in August consisted of murals. In New York, Ryan McGinness fastened his minimal graphics throughout Manhattan as part of his "New York" signs project. Meanwhile, UK-based creative studio In Return went to town on London, decorating the streets with GIFs displayed on iPads. Check out In These Streets: The Best Street Art From August 2014.