There are only a few days left to see Swoon's Submerged Motherlands at Brooklyn Museum, but Brooklyn isn't the only place where the street artist's work is currently on display. Swoon (aka Caledonia Curry) recently took a trip to Tunisia where she contributed to the Djerbahood Project, a street art project that transforms the village of Djerba into an "open-air museum" Organized by the Galerie Itinerrance in Paris, the project features works by over 150 street artists, including INTI, El Seed, BOM K, ETHOS, and tons of others.

Swoon spent close to a week pasting her work on the walls of buildings around the village, including versions of Dawn and Gemma and Nee Nee in Braddock.  The deeply human imagery and the pops of color liven up the otherwise plain walls of the North African island.

To see more of the great art being done there, head to the Djerbahood Project website.

[via Street Art News]