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If you've been turning up under a rock for the past few years, you may have missed the EDM revolution. Dance music was everywhere else around the world for a long time before it finally penetrated the United States stronghold. All of a sudden, chart-topping pop has morphed into rebranded house music and DJs like Tiesto, Calvin Harris and Zedd are on the Billboard Hot 100 just as often as they are on the lineups of Ultra, Tomorrowland and other embarrassing music festivals. So, of course, the next logical next was for fashion to reflect the times, right? RIGHT.

With EDM, or whatever else you want to call it (dub, trance, house, grim etc.), penetrating mainstream society, a bunch of brands have taken on the grand task nobody requested of adopting some of the wildest looks seen at your typical EDM music festival. Shit, Tiesto was even front row at the N Hoolywood show. We saw him with my our eyes, fam. He and his handler were, like, 20 feet away from me, sitting right next to Woost god himself. I wonder if Nick even realized who he was. Anyhow, to capture the EDM trend and make it official by posting it on the Tnternet, Style Dot Com had a couple of the foremost DJs weigh in on the effect it's had on womenswear this season, though the effects could be seen at some men's shows as well.

This wasn't just about the clothes, either. Though the soundtracks of fashion shows varies from collection to collection and designer to designer, many opted for psychedelic tones and music you'd hear at a molly water-drenched warehouse party in Bushwick. Models also sported a glut of beaded bracelets and latex even found its way into more than its fair share of shows as well. Listen, as someone who was on a super weird boat party this past weekend where a DJ spun in a puffy pirate blouse, trust me, you can see firsthand some of the influences being adopted. From the bright colors of ravers to their exorbitant, creepy eye makeup, this is happening. Let's see where it goes. I have a feeling things are gonna get ugly.