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Do you guys own a fleece button down? I don't either, but now I want one. I feel like it would be really cozy and comfortable for the coming winter. Although, every time I wear fleece I get such a gnarly shock from the built up static electricity. Have you ever had that shit happen to you in your car? It's terrible and always fucking happens when I pull up to the Trader Joe's parking lot. At that point I'm already shouting expletives and I haven't even discovered that they're sold out of frozen burritos and biryani yet. It's an all-around terrible situation. Those burritos are so delicious and I fucking love me some Trader Joe's frozen biryani. Sometimes, I tell my girl I'm going to Trader Joe's and she throws me a couple stacks and says, "Bring me back two." And that's how you go grocery shopping, you fucking sea cows.