I like this Garbstore hoodie because the kangaroo pouch has angled pockets. In this day and age, we're all striving to set ourselves apart from the group, but not so far apart that we don't fit in anymore. Hence, just slightly changing the angle of a pocket or maybe standing just far enough away from your friends so that street style photographers snap you and not the whole group. This has become my approach to getting street styled when I'm in New York for two weeks every year and it's worked wonders thus far. Just look at Tommy Ton's street style galleries if you need proof. I'm definitely having my cake and eating it too, guys. It's, like, I'm still friends with everyone and I'll totally split the bill 27 different ways with them at dinner afterward, but I'm not trying to get lumped into their street style struggle group photo. I mean, it's called a personal brand for a reason.