C.C. Filson is a new line of outerwear from Filson designed in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn. Filson and Cabourn are a match made in heaven. Filson was founded 117 years ago to create outerwear hefty enough to protect Gold Rush explorers from freezing winds. And Cabourn is an outerwear specialist with a deep appreciation for its history—the new C.C. Filson Fall/Winter 2014 line is actually inspired by a vintage Filson jacket Cabourn found in a Japanese thrift shop.

C.C. Filson's Fall/Winter 2014 collection is comprised of six different styles of outerwear. There are plenty of different workwear and hunting-inspired jacket options, including a toasty-looking parka, based on the aforementioned 1930s Filson Cruiser. Each style meets the highest standards of Filson manufacturing and fabrics with extra layers over the yoke and arm for added warmth, and water repellency. Plus, each garment is made here in the U.S., in Filson's Seattle headquarters where they know a bit about keeping warm in the rain. 

Scroll through the images below and look for more details to be revealed soon on when and where C.C. Filson will be available.