Do you guys know about this brand Decho? BUCKETS. FOR. DAYS. You want a bucket with a pocket on it? DECHO IS YOUR GUY. You want a bucket hat with some cool stitching detailing on the brim? DECHO IS THE PLUG. You want a bucket hat with a cool metal logo plate? DECHO IS ON DECK. And these bucket hats aren't even that expensive. I mean, they're not cheap bucket hats, but if you want a cheap bucket hat you need to go to the one mall in your town that doesn't even have a PacSun. The mall I go to has a store called "4 Men" instead of PacSun and it sells almost exclusively LRG and no-name brand headgear and accessories. It's fucking amazing. The last time I went there I almost bought a pair of giant carpenter jeans based on the strength of the sales associate's personal brand. Shout outs to Dave.