Remember when you used to wake up early on Saturday mornings to catch your favorite cartoons, or race home after school to catch an hour or two before what was on TV transitioned into boring things like the news? Now, you're more likely to wake up early to try and catch a highly-coveted drop, but the love of your favorite childhood cartoons is still there. 

Lucky for us, the designers behind some of the best brands feel the same way. Every season, we get at least a few of the biggest names in streetwear and menswear coming together with cartoons we grew up watching, and maybe even continue to watch today. The dopest ones play on both our love of style and a strong nostalgia factor to the days when sugary cereal and cartoons meant hours of awesomeness. In that spirit, take a break from real life and check out The Best Cartoon and Clothing Collaborations in Recent History.