I once heard Anna Wintour got a fashion designer to re-walk their show because she showed up too late, so they literally ran the entire thing back for her. Despite that validity of that anecdote, she is a certified legend and will never not be one, which is why we always want to know what's on her mind when it comes to fashion. But what about everything? Her favorite flowers? Her choice between velvet or fur? How much does she really love tennis? Does she hate me because I live in Brooklyn? I, like, obviously want to know all of this shit in one quick-hitting video. Well, Vogue must have read my goddamn mind because they just put out a video of 73 rapid fire, random questions that Anna Wintour herself answers. Not only that, but there are some solid cameos as well: Oscar De La Renta on the speakerphone and model/perfect human specimen Karlie Kloss lends a hand in the interrogation.

I mean, it's all well-scripted and kinda corny—DUH—but it's always fun to get a bit of a peek behind the curtain. Or should I say, the sunglasses? And I swear, Anna, I will get a selfie with you. It'll be blurry, 2 megapixels, on a flip phone and you'll have to text it to me, but I'll get it. Mark my words, boo.