AYO BRB GUYS I GOTTA GO PUSH SOME DRUGS SO I CAN AFFORD THIS JACKET. Everything about this Acronym sweatshirt/jacket/wetsuit (Haven's words not mine) thing is fucking LA FLAME. Shoulder holster style pockets? YIPPIE KAI YAY, MUTHERFUCKERS! Also, the type of Gore-Tex fabric used is the same kind hunters use, which means it makes way less of that sus swishy noise that a lot of technical fabrics tend to make while you're moseying through the grocery store. You can pull this jacket on like an anorak or you can use the escape zip so you don't mess up that fantastical hard part of yours. ACTUALLY, NOT MESSING UP YOUR HAIR IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUIET TECHNICAL FABRICS. Damn, it's like Acronym thought of everything with this coat.