Approximate lifespan: 1993-2009

Long before street art was a genre you could find on a Chipotle paper cup, prominent names like Futura and Stash were early adopters of the idea of clothing as a branding tool and canvas. Sure, nowadays the likes of Shepard Fairey and Uniqlo have the fusion of art and fashion down to a science, but in NORT/RECON's heyday, it was the perfect confluence of style, street culture, and sneakerheads. Stash's Subware brand was one of his many undertakings—RECON had its own label, and the obscure Project Dragon is held in high regard by some heads—and the one most people remember. It was a pioneer in co-opting elements of graffiti and street art and rendering it onto clothing. It also evolved the idea of the brand, dropping some fire collaborations with cult labels like Acronym, resulting in awesome military jackets that would still kill today.