Like, a week ago or something, "Arby," my Editor-in-chief, emailed me this link to this "pretty chill hat tbh." I checked it out and was like, "Alright. Word. This is a pretty chill hat, I guess." And then promptly forgot to write about it because I probably got really wrapped up in an elaborate tangent that most likely involved my fan fiction autobiographical accounts of my life as a mean womenswear editor. Then, on Friday, Arby emailed me again like, "Lol, did you ever write about those chill hats?" Whoops. But it was a chill way of reminding ya boy. Arby's gotta remind me of shit all the time. He's always chill about the reminder because all good editors suffer from the same type of content creation related forgetfulness. Getting this fire content off uses up a lot of brain cells, trust me. ME AND LAS WOULD PROBABLY FORGET OUR OWN NAMES IF THEY WEREN'T SO OFTEN PRINTED IN THE NEW YORK TIMES. AYE LMAO. What was I talking about again?