Guys, I seriously own around fifteen pullover anoraks like this Folk joint and I still want more. What sets this one apart from any of the other anoraks I own? Details or something? WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT SHIT LIKE THAT ANYMORE? Honestly, if you're still out there trying to justify purchases based on their differences, you need to just give the fuck up. Honestly, that shit is so pointless. This particular jacket is probably different from other jackets because it's made from a cotton-paper blend. No, your eyes did not deceive you. This thing is made from 60% paper. FUCKING PAPER! TECHNOLOGY IS SO CRAZY SOMETIMES! Hopefully, it doesn't crease as easily as a piece of actual paper. But there's the kangaroo style pocket. Hell yeah, fucking right. I'm feeling so flush off this anorak right now. Let's all get cool anoraks like this one because we can't buy the legendary, truly grail-worthy Snow Beach.