Life's a Beach garnered legendary status back in the '80s, for their loud, proud, and brave designs donned by legends like Mike Vallely and Mark Gonzales. When the skate scene evolved at the start of the '90s, the brand faded away and eventually folded, becoming another part of skateboarding's history. But now Life's a Beach is back, under the supervision of London based duo, Greg Finch and design genius Fergus "Fergadelic" Purcell—the man responsible for the Palace Skateboards logo, and Marc by Marc Jacobs collaborator—and so are all their best prints, along with some new styles.

With a focus on the iconic flames—the original artwork from Doze Green of the Rock Steady crew—bones, fluros and skulls prints, Life's a Beach's Fall/Winter collection is strong. Peep the lookbook below, and check out the Fall/Winter collection at Life's a Beach webstore while it's still available.