Besides being the cool thing to do for Facebook and Instagram, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has actually helped raise a lot of money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis research (yep, that's what it's for). Everyone from Lebron James to Anna Wintour has taken on the challenge, and there's even an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween costume on the market that we're sure will flood college campuses in October. While most of the celebrities who've dumped ice cold water on their heads have been athletes and movie stars, a few members of the art world have also stepped up to do their part, with Jeff Koons being the most recent and unexpected of the bunch.

Artist Jeanette Hayes posted the video below to her Instagram account of a barefoot (but otherwise fully dressed) Koons standing in what appear to be stables. The artist brings in his young son to test the temperature of the water before lifting the bucket and dumping it on himself. Thankfully, his son avoids the splash.

Koons doesn't give the speech that everyone else does about accepting the challenge and donating money, but the caption for the Instagram video does include an nomination: "I finally did the ice bucket challenge #jeffkoons #als #icebucketchallenge I now nominate @MariahCarey."

[via Artnet]