Are you the type who doesn't remember to cop a fire Halloween costume until like October 25th when stores are teeming with 10-year-old kids and their stressed-out Moms 24/7? Do you suck at cooking up fire original costumes on your own? Welp, if you had the ALS ice bucket challenge in your back-pocket as a quick, last-minute resort to slide through that costumes-only party, some genius (hack?) has already beat you to the idea and is monetizing it. That's right, you can get the early jump on Halloween with the most basic costume ever, and for the very reasonable price of $40, since buckets and ice trays are hard to come by these days. Of course, this bucket has cool, fake-water film, and the "tunic" is adorned with faux-ice cubes. Nominate five of your friends to cop this herb-ass costume here if they don't donate in 24 hours.

[via @perlberg]