“If your wardrobe is a little bit more heritage-inspired, there are definitely ways to translate that into your home. That heritage vibe is achieved through more classic, like vintage pieces, but then also some weathered, warm and raw elements like dark wood and materials that will patina over time, like brass, copper, or even leather like a cowhide that wears and is really nice over time. If you’re more of like a clean and contemporary type of guy, obviously you can shop contemporary furniture, which is as stylish today as it was 50 years ago. Look for clean lines and sharp corners over rounded edges. It’s also about the placement in the space—you probably want less if you’re more of a minimalist—more strength, not over-decorating or over-furnishing, but really sticking to the essentials: making sure the space is placed appropriately, is airy, light, and not overwhelming. I think that those are all elements that tie the more minimalist, contemporary vibe of your wardrobe into your home.”