“A solid sheet set and pillow set is pretty much all you need. Start with a quality set of sheets and a basic neutral color, or something with maybe a little bit of like a tonal print, but it’s really not necessary. Just be mindful of the quality of the cotton. Egyptian is like the best and most expensive, but you want to definitely pay attention to the fiber. If you have a good fiber, then the thread count tends to be secondary. If you’re thinking about throw pillows, they don’t have to be like a complementary set. What we like to do is put like one or two decorative throw pillows on top with a little bit of color or pattern. Maybe like a geometric or vintage print, or an indigo plaid, so you can have basic bed pillows but then amp it up with a couple of like throw pillows. Think about what speaks to you in fashion— like a batik or an ikat—and you can definitely translate that into a pillow. The key is to like kind of mix and match them.”