For a series titled "Metamorfoza," Croatian-based photographer Ino Zeljak wanted to explore "similarities and differences between people that are connected genetically or with relationship," so he took their portraits and used Photoshop to blend the faces into one. The subjects include twins, parent and child pairings, siblings, and friends. Going beyond a basic half-and-half split, Zeljak made it almost impossible to tell where one face ends and the other begins.

Twin subjects / Image via Ino Zeljak on Behance
Brothers / Image via Ino Zeljak on Behance 
Brother and sister / Image via Ino Zeljak on Behance

A few of the blended portraits look like basic photos of people, "but when you look at it a bit closer you see something different and strange," said Zeljak in an email to the Huffington Post. He explains that he used similar lighting and "overlapped the images, often duplicating one person's hair and clothing to share between the two." If this guy is teaching a Photoshop course anytime soon, sign us up, because this is beyond impressive.

Daughter and mother- Image via Ino Zeljak on Behance
Sisters- Image via Ino Zeljak on Behance


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