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Folk has been kinda killing it lately and the reversible taped seam jacket takes some of the paneled looks the brand has been producing to the level after next. If I was tasked with designing a reversible garment, I legitimately could not do it. I'm unable to wrap my head around certain admittedly simple concepts. Most of that is due to my lack of intelligence and skills—I just sit in an office chair all day and hammer down on a keyboard. If I have to do anything outside of that, it's a fucking wrap, man. I'd be filing for unemployment a-fucking-sap. Fortunately, I don't have to design reversible clothing, I just have to write about it. Along with sleeve pockets (so scorchingly on trend), taped seams got that heat now. You do know that they're used to keep garments water tight, since the holes from stitching aren't? Wait, hold up, form AND function? I was led to believe those two concepts were separated with a vitriol only seen this side of church and state.