My favorite hat company in the fucking universe, FairEnds, just teamed up with Maia Ruth Lee for these Nepali fabric caps. They are dope because Maia sourced the fabric in Kathmandu so this shit's the real deal. She's a true OG 'cause her art brand TROLL made a glazed ceramic pipe that looks like a tongue, which, if you saw me flexing on IG with such a cheeky cannabis consumption device, would be totally suss, but when you're a cool girl that was raised in the Himalayas, it totally makes sense. Anyways, head over and read a quick interview with Maia before buying the hats because the more hats you buy from FairEnds, the more influential I seem.

P.S. The first time Tommy Ton ever took my photo, I had on a FairEnds hat, so ruminate on that.