LMAO UNIONMADE would have the most product shots ever in their history for a pair of Birkenstocks. Anyway, these have a sole that looks kinda like a red brick sole. Remember red brick soles? My dad always insists that he doesn't like Birkenstocks and that he wouldn't wear a pair if I bought him some. But if I wear a pair to my parents' house he will inevitably steal them "just to grab the mail." Next thing I know, he's mowing the fucking lawn in them. I'm not allowed to mow the lawn anymore because when we moved to our new house my dad copped a riding lawn mower and I immediately turned "mowing the lawn" into "recklessly driving the whip at the rabbit speed the whole time." I hit a stone and bent the fuck out of a blade and ever since then my dad won't let me use his riding lawn mower. That was, like, 13 years ago.