In part four of Noisey's "SVDDXNLY" documentary, which documents the meteoric rise of A$AP Rocky, the Harlem native details how he ended up meeting one of his favorite designers (and now friend) Jeremy Scott. After the video for "Purple Swag" exploded, and Rocky's Wing 2.0s made a heavy appearance, Dat PMF met up with Scott while shooting the cover of Complex's February/March 2012 issue. The two instantly became homies, with Scott saying, "he was just so warm, and so genuine, and that's why I think i clicked so much with him. So when I think of him, I think of family. I really do. He's like a brother to me."

Watch the video above to see even more of A$AP Rocky's rise to superstardom, in which he smokes trees with Snoop Dogg, talks about older women with Danny Brown, and meets Kathy Griffin. But any fan of Rocky's modern-day style icon status will definitely be interested in the brief bit where the rapper hangs out with Scott and, while trying on Scott's wild and bold gear, the designer, FlvckoA$AP Ferg, and A$AP Lou come up with the idea of remixing du-rags and putting out Lou-rags. Patent pending.

[via Noisey]