Chances are, if you know what lucid dreaming is, you have probably attempted it. It's an activity that will keep you in bed for hours. The prospect of being able to control your dreams is one that's too epic to ignore. For those who understand the appeal, you may want to avoid watching IKEA's latest commercial. It'll only add fuel to the fire.

It plays off "the falling dream" that every experienced dreamer has encountered at least once in his or her life, y'know, the dreams in which you are in free fall forever. IKEA's ad depicts a woman lying on a bed in the air. She returns to earth by jumping and sky-diving from bed to bed. The whole thing looks awesome.

Turns out, a lot of the scenes were shot in-camera and not made from CGI. The woman in the video and many of the beds are actually suspended from cranes and hoisted in the air over buildings. Check out some shots above, watch the video, and happy dreaming.

[via Fast Co.Create]

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