Wings + Horns teleported their S/S 15 lookbook over and it is full of understated, deceivingly simple looking clothing. The new collection was inspired by early American military academy football teams. I could never be a designer because I would have to admit that 98% of my inspiration comes from just "seeing cool shit on the Internet." My personal failings aside, the new collection from Wings + Horns features articulated sleeves, underarm gussets, knee darts and hidden snaps. I love when brands design really technical clothing that looks decidedly normal. Shout out to the cross body draping of the jacket in the last photo. That's what I do too because fuck tying shit around your waist like a chump. Also because one time in college I was at a Mos Def concert and this one dude had a jacket tied across his chest like that and it looked dope so I steez bit.