A lot of weird Kickstarter projects go viral on the strength of their absurdity. The now infamous Potato Salad Kickstarter is the perfect example. A guy wanted to get ingredients for potato salad, so he set a modest goal of $10. With a little over a week left, over 6,000 people have donated a total of $51,926...for potato salad. Meanwhile, tons of great projects are falling by the wayside. Unfortunately, that category doesn't include Alex Wong's attempt at setting the Guinness World Record for drawing the world's biggest dick.

If you made it through the promo video, God bless you because we didn't. What we learned from Wong's Kickstarter page is that he is based in Seattle, he recently graduated from college, and he may need a psych evaluation. With 27 days left, he is somehow already halfway to his $100 goal. You can join the 13 dick-thusiasts that have already pledged their undeserved allowances to make this happen, or you can give your money to one of these worthwhile projects instead:

Empty Walls Street Art Festival Cardiff

Street art festivals are almost always worth donating to (when they're legit). In previous editions, the festival in Cardiff has seen great work completed by artists, including 3dom, Phlegm, Run, Sepe, Natalia Rak, Kera, Rmer, Best, Colour Doomed. The Kickstarter promises even more work by some 20 artists this year.


The Brooklyn art gallery Apostrophe is looking to open a new space so that they can showcase more emerging artists and throw more dope art shows and music events. The Kickstarter has lots of enviable pledge rewards (see below), including artist-designed shirts, hand-painted jewelry, a chef-prepared dinner for two, and the opportunity to host your own event in the new space.

Gary Baseman Documentary: Mythical Creatures

Gary Baseman is awesome. Period. The contemporary artist teamed up with David Charles to create a film about his father's life did during World War II, a man who "narrowly escaped a murderous invasion by Nazi soldiers." Peep the video below and head to the Kickstarter for more info.