Our Legacy embodies relaxed timelessness. The Swedish brand has proven that season after season, and its spring/summer 2015 collection is no different. 

The upcoming season is an eclectic but entirely wearable mix of streetwear, suits, and workwear, all done a keen eye on craft but a sense of humor and curiosity that results in a collection with too many highlights to count. The detail and fabrics all adhere to the muted ruggedness of the line-up, and the finishing touches allow each item to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Tons of brands have designed leather shirts, but only Our Legacy has the skills and whim to dye a leather shirt in indigo, which fades to a subtly psychadelic wash. Raw silk shirts, heavy jersey pieces, and tech-y outerwear all round out the collection, which ranges from distinct basics to next-level, near-experimental gear.

If you're trying to build a uniform rooted in clean, minimal garments that aren't overtly trendy but are never typical, this is where you start. 

Can we just skip to next year already?

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