Maybe the nearest coast to you is hundreds and thousands of miles away. Maybe you simply haven't had the time or money to visit the beach. Regardless of whatever it is that's keeping you from the ocean, we feel you. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and longing for the beach, we'll share two glass sculptures that design bloggers and those over at Slate have been raving about. 

The first is a sculpture by London-based designer Christopher Duffy. He and his team spent a year investigating and experimenting with glass, Perspex, and wood. In the end, they came up with 25 limited-edition sculptures that also double as coffee tables. With swirls of black and blue, The Abyss Table really does look like the deep blue sea.

Then there's Ben Young's beautiful Parallels I sculpture that also mimics the ocean. Young is a New Zealand-based, self-taught artist, surfer, and boat builder. For his sculpture, he first drew its design in 2D. He then cut them from sheets of glass with a special tool, laminating and layering each sheet to produce a masterpiece. Gorgeous, right? However, that's not the only sea-inspired sculpture he's made. See the rest of his works here.

By now, you either feel a little better about missing out on the beach life, or your longing has only become that much worse. Either way, gorgeous sculptures, right?

[via Slate]

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