In collaboration with SHOWstudio and VMAN Magazine, visionary photographer Nick Knight presents a menswear editorial and film that draw inspiration from the captivating visual language of the Internet.

Styled by Simon Foxton, the #asif editorial features bold designs from contemporary labels such as Hood By Air, KTZ, Been Trill, and Givenchy. Packaged in a stunning collage of digitally warped and manipulated images, the presentation utilizes online-specific references as a nod to the sleek, modern aesthetics of the web.

“The internet is such a huge presence in life it's bound to issue a new form of art,” Knight says. “#asif is the first step in SHOWstudio's vision of that form.”

Get a look at the sharp editorial and film below, and head over to SHOWstudio’s website to learn more about the project.


[via SHOWstudio]