Hit the docks, bros. We're going sailing. Okay, it's just a paddle boat down at the public park. But that's no excuse to look like a landlubber. Arpenteur S/S 15 will let you fit in at even the Frenchiest of Rivieras. The brand that has become synonymous, at least in our eyes, with the shacket continues their trademark garmenture maneuver with washed canvas, treated denim and indigo renditions of its heavy overshirts. Adorned with their signature, swagged-out cutaway collar and a hefty pocket fit for a journal to hold all those musings you plan on writing on the open sea, Arpenteur's relaxed fit shirts will leave you feeling breezy on the most humid summer days. And even though the homies know you aren't rigging shit or swapping the poop deck anytime soon, they threw you a bone and made a cropped parka constructed from sail material so you have something to point out when someone asks you what size boat you (don't) own. Bon voyage, motherfucker.