The son of an Oscar-winning actor, Lorenzo Quinn has done some acting in the past, but he much prefers sculpting to performing. That's why you are more likely to see Quinn's works on the streets than on the big screen today.

The sculptor is known across the globe. He has done commissioned pieces for the United Nations and The Vatican. The Tree of Life, which he made for the UN was later reproduced in the form of a stamp. He also made a sculpture of Saint Anthony for Padua's Basilica del Santo to honor the saint's birth. Despite his fame, however, his public art still retains a sense of intimacy.

Inspired by master sculptors like Michelangelo, Bernini, and Rodin, Quinn is best known for his reproductions of the human hands. "I wanted to sculpt what is considered the hardest and most technically challenging part of the human body," he explained to Halcyon Gallery. "The hand holds so much power—the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy." Of course, he creates more than just hands. His sculptures of humans enclosed circles, globes, and other structures would definitely have impressed even Rodin. Juxtapoz decided to round up some of Quinn's most striking pieces. Click through to see some of them.

[via Juxtapoz]

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