Keeping up with our ridiculous theme of fancy camping goods, this Log Tote from Winter Sessions and CampWell is perfect for your crappy apartment. Or crappy car. Or crappy tent that seemed way bigger when you imagined the measurements in your head while you were buying it online. What are you gonna do with a bag designed specifically for holding logs of wood? I don't know, man, look for inspiration on Pinterest or some shit. You could roll up your fancy woolen blankets and keep them next to your couch, but you probably only own one of those because a solid wool blanket costs like at least 200 bucks. Fuck it, just take it camping once and it'll pay for itself when you show up to the bonfire with log carrier stunt. Bonfires are so dope. One time I went camping with a group of friends, but really I only agreed to go because I was trying to convince this one girl who always wore North Face puffer vests and really, really tight jeans to break off from the group at some point during the night and sit by the lake and talk about shit like our plans after college. Instead of a lake, we found a fire pit and started our own little bonfire. Shit was v on and poppington and your boy truly impressed by lighting a joint with a burning twig. But then she sat a little too close to the fire and some of her North Face started melting. We laughed about it and then we retired to our tent WHERE WE STARED UP AT THE STARS THROUGH THE MESH UNTIL WE FELL ASLEEP. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. I DIDN'T TRY TO TOUCH HER BOOB UNTIL, LIKE, 2 WEEKS LATER WHEN WE ALL WENT TO THE BEACH. Your boy got some under the water, over the bikini action that day, you already know.