The name "Knock! Knock!" may have revealed the fact that there is something playful going on in the exhibition currently on view inside Spain's Galeria Javier Lopez. It's a group exhibition of works by 40 visual artists, gathered together to recognize the influence of comics on today's artists and the evolution of the art form

Historically, comics have often unfairly been labeled as and reduced to "minor art." The whole point behind "Knock! Knock!" is to remind the world that both comics and contemporary art are for everyone and also that comics, while playful and humorous, are also an artist's way of using irony to criticize society. 

"Knock! Knock!", which opened June 26 and runs through Sept. 10, features works by some of our most beloved contemporary artists. From the photos above, we've spotted KAWS' homage to Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts and some works by Yoshitomo Nara. Check out the pics above, and click through to Arrested Motion to peep some of the other works.

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