Wow, this Natic Marine jacket is pretty crazy. Not everyone can pull off a towel masquerading as a jacket, but if anyone can, it's you. See? I'm all about increasing everyone's confidence in wearing semi-ridiculous garments. But please, don't get it twisted, I'm not for everyone having a stronger self-image or any of that bullshit. This ain't a Dove commercial, homie. I just figure the more people out here wearing stupid alphets, the less stupid my alphets will look by comparison. People will be like, "Look at that old man with the the HurryCane® wearing a dress over his jeans. What's up with that?" But then they'll look across the street and see some hipster in gathered chinos and a full-on terrycloth jacket and be like, "Hey, at least gramps isn't that guy wearing a towel jacket lol." Although—fuck, now that I think about it—I would be that guy too.