The MAN trade show is slowly but surely gaining traction as a required destination for buyers and editors who want to see super directional menswear brands that are progressing the landscape toward a better and bolder future. This season, the show hosted over 50 brands that ranged from niche Japanese labels to well-known names that are leaders in their respective lanes. Anyone who arrived at Industria Studios spent way more time than they anticipated looking through the spring/summer 2015 season from highly-coveted labels like Our Legacy, nanamica, and P.A.M., but spent equal time salivating and placing orders with emerging talent in the form of brands such as 92nd Street Shoe Makers, Portuguese Flannel, and Ddugoff. After walking the show, we were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the labels and put together an editorial showcasing Five Brands From the MAN Trade Show You Need to Get Familiar With.

Photography by Brian M. Dunn
Styling by Corey Stokes