After an image of what we expected to be an upcoming collaboration between iconic skate brands Supreme and Anti-Hero surfaced last week, the official lookbook and product images of the collection have now been released. Founded in 1995, Anti-Hero, like Supreme, is a seminal skate brand that made its name by being overtly anti-establishment and not corny as fuck. As for the collection, it consists of T-shirts, coaches jackets, football jerseys, hats and one really dope hobo tool if you're into that sort of thing. Our boy Angelo just stopped by the office with a similar one last week and was raving about the benefits of carrying around an unwashed spoon in his pocket all day. He made some case for how the type of metal is anti-microbial, but I was just like, "You know what else is anti-microbial? A clean fucking spoon." Anyway, it's cool that this collaboration keeps it fairly simple and stays true to traditional skateboarding wears. Oh, and as for that trucker hat? Yeah, uh, tread lightly. You might think you're going to look like Pharrell circa 2002, but you'll probably actually end up looking like that creepy guy at the gas station who still drives a Ford Bronco. Supreme x Anti-Hero drops June 12.