Those watching the World Cup matches right now may think otherwise, but "in the 1970s, [soccer] was at its most beautiful, free-flowing, and entertaining," according to TASCHEN. Before Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo's reign, before David Beckham's days of stripping, there was a "first generation of football superstars" from the 1970s who changed the game and helped make soccer a truly international sport.

The '70s were important years for soccer. During the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, the world was able to witness soccer legend Pelé and his team win the tournament on television; it was the first soccer championship televised in color. That decade also experienced the heated rivalry between the West German side and the "Total Football" of the Dutch team, the equally exciting 1978 World Cup, and more. All of this has been documented and featured in TASCHEN's latest release, The Age of Innocence. Football in the 1970s by Reuel Golden. 

The hardcover book is a vivid, photographic tribute to the world's most loved games and a throwback to an action-packed decade. A must-have for any soccer fan, the 300-page publication features images by Neil Leifer, Peter Robinson, Gerry Cranham, Terry O'Neill, Volker Hinz, Jerry Cooke, Harry Benson, Sven Simon, and many other photographers, as well as archived images and essays by prestigious writers Rob Hughes, David Goldblatt, Brian Glanville, and Barney Ronay.

Cop The Age of Innocence. Football in the 1970s from TASCHEN for $59.99. 

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