That's right. Jean-Michel Basquiat is getting his own city square. Paris' City Council just approved a proposal to christen a public square in the city's 13th arrondissement after the late artist. 

“Basquiat is one of the biggest contemporary artists,” Jérôme Coumet, the district's major, told Le Figaro“He defended the cause of African-Americans in the U.S., and was also a lover of France. He was the artist who blazed the trail for street art, and art in public space.”

It's also a befitting move, considering the 13th arrondissement's abundance of street art and affinity with art in general. It already has a number of streets named after artists, such as Rue Paul Klee and Rue Marcel Duchamp.

The spot, which is under construction right now, will be called "Place Jean-Michel Basquiat" and will be officially named at a not-yet-specified date.

[via artnet]

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