On June 20, London will see the opening of "Dance Master," a multi-media art exhibition at Hang-Up Gallery by Italian street artist RUN. The show will feature new drawings, sculptures, and paintings made specifically for the gallery, all done on organic materials including cardboard, wood, and jute, a vegetable fiber that is spun into threads.

RUN explains his inspirations for the show in the press release with the following quote: "Many years ago when visiting South India, a taxi driver that was driving me around the streets of the city of Colombo took me to a Hindu temple. Pointing to a statue of a divinity he said to me, "Here lies the dancermaster". The statue was beautiful; full of colours, with hands and arms that were made to give the viewer the impression of a dance of the spirit."

Click here to read an exclusive interview with the artist by Hang-Up, and check out the short film about RUN and his work below. "Dance Master" runs from June 20 through August 9.