How deep is your love for the God Kim Kardashian? Odds are, it's not as deep as the love that Brooklyn-based artist Hannah Kunkle has for her "idol."

Kunkle channeled her respect and adoration for Yeezy's bride into a series of Photoshop portraits that portray her as various holy beings, from Jesus to Krishna. According to ANIMAL, Kunkle recently opened an art show in Bushwick that featured the Kim prints, as well as tribute candles with her face on them. "I think I probably defend her every day," she told ANIMAL outside of the show. "I know I shouldn't love her but I do love her...It's kind of unexplained, in my own head I don't really get it. She's such what we're not supposed to identify with as ladies."

In another interview with VICE, Kunkle called Kim a God and said that she’s "crazy bodacious and has the nose job of an angel. I don’t know if she’s omniscient, but no one can deny she’s not omnipresent. Kim floats above us all, even the deniers and the haters. We have accepted her into our lives via television screens, memes, and Instagram feeds. If Jay Z is the father and Yeezus is the son, then she is the ever-present holy ghost of pop culture.”

To see more of the "Passion of Kim Kardashian" series, head to Kunkle's website here.

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[via ANIMAL]