Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina is famous for turning things that are not architecture into architecture. Previously, he’s created an architect alphabet and designed buildings based on famous works of art. His latest project is a series of 27 drawings entitled “Archimusic.” Each of these illustrations turns a song into a fictional building. Babina used the cover art from each song’s album and the lyrics of that song to help inform the building’s design, making each fantasy structure both unique and very fitting.

“The parallels between architecture and music are diverse and extraordinary,” the artist told Dezeen. “They have a common mathematical order which regulates the forms and the rhythm. The idea was to tell a story starting from the soundtrack, listen to the music, and imagine the shapes hidden behind it.”

Each cartoon dwelling is based on the emotions the song invokes. “I chose types of music and musicians very different from each other. Each has its own peculiarities,” Babina said.

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[via Dezeen]