What if we told you one of the coolest soccer kits comes from a club that doesn’t even exist? That’s the case with Nike and SOPHNET.’s ongoing collaboration for the fictional team F.C. Real Bristol. Fictionally around since 1999, it’s a fusion of functional soccer-inspired gear marked by its signature Andy Warhol-esque camouflage colors. And for a non-existing team, the gear is a whole lot better than some real teams out there wear on the pitch.

The new collection drops just in time for the before World Cup, but you won’t see these fits on the field anytime soon. The full line doesn’t just include jerseys, but a mix of technical outerwear, tees, sweatpants, and shoes. Fabrics like Dri-Fit and mesh paneling have you covered for staying dry on and off the field. If the World Cup was based on style points, and this was a real team, we already know where the winning trophy would go. Très Bien has the exclusive on these items, and they release later today at 6 pm.